Justice for Northern Ireland veterans


Crowd Funding

Those who served their country in the war against the IRA feel betrayed , it's time the truth is told.

The project commenced filming on the 3rd February 2018 supported by the crowd funding page and a donation received from a wealthy financier. £17,045 + £25,000 donation = £42,045 is still short of the £50.000 target however. Anyone involved in a TV production will tell you that to produce a quality broadcast with the intention of distributing  on national TV could cost as much as £100k or more. Legal fees alone can cost around £20k. We now need to push to overcome the final hurdle which is getting the content past the media Lawyers.


It is time the truth was told and we move away from the BBC and other media outlets being afraid to show the true and evil actions of the IRA. This program will not pull any punches, it will go into graphic detail about the true nature of the IRA and the evil acts of violence they committed upon men, women, and children. SF/IRA want the past actions of its terror gangs wiped from the history books.

Nobody wants the truth told, so instead of relying on our spineless media, let`s get the true facts on record and show the public who SF/IRA really are and why this great nation should reject the current one-sided and politically driven witch hunt.

The Great Betrayal will expose those who never faced prosecution and escaped justice. We will expose the myth of the words "freedom fighter" and show these cowards for what they really are, terrorist gangsters and thugs. We will have interviews with those who have never had justice and we will show how the Blair government sold the security forces out and betrayed the 300,000 veterans who served on Operation Banner.