Justice for Northern Ireland veterans


Great Betrayal Film

The Good Friday agreement may have brought and end to military action by the terrorist groups but the men and women, who for 30 years stood in the front line of democracy and upheld the rule of law and worked within it, now find themselves exposed.

Blairs government deliberately hung the security forces out to dry to appease the IRA,  leaving them exposed to prosecution while absolving the IRA of its crimes and putting them beyond the law.

The Great Betrayal will expose those who never faced prosecution and escaped justice. We will expose the myth of the words "freedom fighter" and show these cowards for what they really are, terrorist gangsters and thugs.

We will have interviews with those who have never had justice and we will show how the Blair government sold the security forces out and betrayed the 300,000 veterans who served on Operation Banner.


A private viewing of the documentary has been scheduled. For those who have contributed this is your chance to come and see the end result , please put Good Friday 19th April in your diary.